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JIFU wants YOU to build your business and grow your entrepreneurial skills, so we gathered some basic tips and ideas to help kickstart your upward trajectory. For more, visit


Provide Value

Every businessman should know what value their idea or company brings to the market. Another huge piece of the puzzle is educating potential consumers on that provided value. You can do this through internal education and external marketing.         

 Invest Time

Most people know the importance of investing money, but what about time? Time is one of our most important and valuable assets. Be sure to invest your time in the things and people who will offer a good return.    

Strive to be educated 

It is important to work with other professionals, your team, and leaders in your industry to continue bettering yourself. By staying up to date on the newest technologies and movements nonmatter how long you’ve been in the industry, you will always be in the know. 

Prepare for obstacles 

Even the best and brightest business people run into roadblocks along the way. The ones who make it through the hard times are the entrepreneurs who prepare for it before it comes. Obstacles are inevitable, but preparation is necessary for any market. 

Seek new perspectives

It can be easy to be stuck in a consensus bias feedback loop. This happens when the only people you are receiving feedback from are people who think and act as you do. By seeking new perspectives, your business will become more resilient. 


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